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The purpose of the International Club at IHM


1.    To highlight and celebrate the many cultures in our community.

2.    To bring together people of many cultures who work together as they plan and prepare fun activities and events to share.

3.    To promote friendship among those of different cultures  by exposure to each other while learning to appreciate and respect the differences.

4.     To embrace and welcome into our friendship all who wish to join regardless of culture or beliefs.

5.    Overall goal is to promote peace in our world by helping us understand that we are all brothers, created by one loving God, and guided by One Spirit.




All are welcome to join.


Meeting Times

This Commission meets on the first Monday of each month at 7 p.m. in St Edward's A at the Parish Learning and Education Center. For changes, please check the current Sunday Bulletin. All parishioners are welcome and invited to attend meetings.

Chairperson: Rita Leonard, 336-454-3758

Secretary: Alex Paguada

Upcoming Events

Christmas Party to be announced

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